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How Optimized Is Your Data Centre Cooling System?

Resolve this Singular Challenge and Regain Total Control of Your Data Centre. Today, one of the singular most important concerns that Data Centre Managers face is the challenge of having the appropriate capacity of cooling delivered to their IT equipment. In this quest for achieving adequate cooling for their IT Equipment, Data Centre designers and managers face several challenges ranging from what capacity to deploy, what location is best to situate the cooling systems, what method of air distribution they should employ, etc. To achieve adequate cooling within a Data Centre, the appropriate capacity of cooling energy must be achieved. Also, the proportional distribution of the chilled air to IT equipment is needed. 
On average, Cooling systems consume 40% of the total energy in a Data Centre (this figure may go up to 60% for the inefficient Data Centres). This massive energy usage has some significant impacts on the Data Centre Project cost likewise as the costs to keep the Data Centre running. Poor design or management of the Cooling system and the air distribution may cost an organization a fortune in terms of capital and operational cost. Here are some of the areas that should be of concern (amongst others):
What is the capacity and quantity of the cooling units required for a given IT load?
What is the required space to accommodate the cooling systems and associated Switchgears?
What is the capacity of Utility Power or Diesel Engine Generator needed?
The size of electrical cables requirements to support the Power and other support equipment.
The capacity/size of the electrical panels required and the space to accommodate it.
The cost of electricity consumption (or alternative energy consumed daily)
 It is not all gloom even if you have challenges with your existing deployment in areas like capacity adequacy, appropriate distribution of chilled air or separation between chilled supply air and heated return air. There are proven solutions to reverse such ugly trends.
In summary, if you are unable to answer the questions listed below, then you need the Resourcery’s intervention in your Data Centre management, as you may be bleeding greatly.
What percentage of your Data Centre Power Consumption do you channel into dehumidification?
What specific method do you employ in your Data Centre to ensure that cooling is delivered appropriately?

What is the rate of air movement from your cooling system to your IT equipment in CFM?
At Resourcery, we help organizations optimize their infrastructure in a variety of ways.

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