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Business Operations Optimization Through The Use of Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is simply the introduction of Internet connectivity to devices that are by default, not internet enabled. These devices can detect/sense signals and transmit them to a cloud-based storage system. The data stored in the cloud storage can then be fed into a software platform that can clean, organize and analyze the data to derive intelligence therein. Slowly but surely, the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually coming to the fore in our daily and business lives. Indeed, the IoT is the most disruptive technology of our lives in recent times.
The most important aspect of the IoT solution is the organized information and insight that you get from the data that is captured. This is the core of Business Intelligence. Many businesses today use Big Data for making decisions and we have seen where businesses are totally transformed using organized information. Data is used in gathering/extracting business information, understanding the performance of your products in the market, understanding your customers, and making better decisions. The reporting platform of the IoT solution presents information in graphical and other easily digestible formats. You can see trends, and understand what would likely happen to the business using the predictive analysis power of the platform.
Consider a situation where you have holistic visibility into the performances of your generators nationwide from a single dashboard. A lot of definitive information becomes available to you immediately. You would be able to see which branch, for example, consumes the most energy, at what time of the day is energy consumption the highest across the branches, you can determine which branch generator needs to be swapped for optimization reasons, which generators are under-utilized, which ones are running at the edges of their capacities, etc. All these are made possible through the use of IoT sensors, Connectivity and Software Platforms. It is worth noting at this point that the solution does not necessarily operate on the GSM network. It could ride on Sigfox or LoRa or other similar Networks.
Incorporated in 1984, Resourcery Plc is a leading Nigerian information technology systems integrator with offices in Lagos, Abuja, and Ghana. With a wide partnership base of global leaders in networking, data security, data centres, servers, storage and collaboration we integrate best of breed solutions to match our customer’s needs. Our local knowledge, extensive track record and experience set us apart in the industry. 

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