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How Smart is Your Building Project?

Smart buildings keep you in charge round the clock.

A smart or intelligent building is one that provides a productive and cost-effective environment through optimization of its four elements: structure, systems, services, performance management and the inter-relationships between them. Intelligent buildings help owners, property managers and occupants realize their goals in the areas of costs, comfort, convenience, safety, long term flexibility, and marketability.

The concept of smart buildings can be divided into two broad areas: The first involves the integration of the control of all the building services such as HVAC, lighting, fire-life-safety, security and access control, environmental control and monitoring. This can be achieved via software and hardware designs.

Secondly the integration of voice, data, video and BAS under one uniform cabling and network infrastructure. By integrating these systems onto a single common cabling platform, you can lower construction costs, optimize operational expenditures, and have one project team for the installation of all services. This will eliminate dealing with multiple contractors while consolidating the installation process.

Traditionally, building systems are planned and installed in the early part of the construction phase while the voice and data systems (including cabling) are considered when the floor space is being prepared for use. For a smart building concept to be most effective, the cabling for BAS, voice, and data systems is designed early in the construction phase of a building. This means that BAS, voice, and data cabling is selected before the systems equipment and active electronics. This, in turn, allows the sharing of pathways and delivery methods, and the use of a single labour force.
Usually, the above results in cost savings (during construction and operations) to the building owner and tenant. The life of an integrated cabling system will usually surpass the life of most traditional (or non-structured) cabling systems. Hence the cabling investment will track the building’s desired life-cycle, rather than that of an individual system.



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